Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Former Research Fellow and Speaker of the ZITI research group "High-Speed Short-Range Interconnects"

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Denis Wohlfeld


Research Interests

High-Speed interconnects

  • Active Optical Cables
  • Optical modules
  • VCSEL/PD to fiber coupling

Fabrication of Miniaturized Components

  • UV Deep Lithography (SU-8)
  • Soft Lithography (PDMS)


  • Signal Integrity
  • Ray Tracer development for the optimization of coupling structures
  • Light propagation in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media


Teaching Experience:

Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik 2009

  • WS11/12: Lecture, Electrical and Optical Communication
  • WS08/09: Practical Course, Computational Optics
  • SS08: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering
  • SS07: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering
  • SS06: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering
  • SS05: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering



Conference Contributions and Paperwork

  • Invited: D. Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Aspects of short-range interconnect packaging

    SPIE Photonics West Conference Optoelectronic Interconnects XII, 8267-26, Jan. 2012, San Francisco, USA.
  • T Blank, D Wohlfeld, F Lemke, U Brüning, S Twardy, O Riemer
    Automatisierung der Fertigungstechnik für hochintegrierte 12x aktive optische Kabel
    MikroSystemTechnik - KONGRESS 2011, Oct. 10-12, 2011, Darmstadt, Germany.
  • D. Wohlfeld, F. Lemke, S. Schenk, H. Froening, U. Bruening
    High density active optical cable - from a new concept to a prototype
    SPIE Conference Optoelectronic Interconnects and Component Integration XI OE112, 7944-20, Jan. 2011, San Francisco, USA.
  • F. Merchán, D.Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Micro integration of optical systems for the fabrication of active optical cables
    3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Optical Microsystems (OMS09), ISBN 978-3-00-024191-8, (2286), 27.-30.09, 2009, Capri, Italy.
  • F. Merchán, D.Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Development of active optical cables
    Workshop of Optics in Computing (Optik in der Rechentechnik, ORT), ISBN 978-3-200-01636-1, pp 45 – 47, 2009, Vienna, Austria.
  • D.Wohlfeld, F. Merchán, K.-H. Brenner
    Integrated VCSEL to fiber couplers fabricated with micro-machining
    World of Photonics congress, Manufacturing of Optical Components, 2009, Munich, Germany.
  • D.Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Anwendung optischer Verbindungstechniken in der Hochenergiephysik
    ORT 2005, 8. Workshop Optik in der Rechentechnik, ISSN 1437-8507, p. 76-82, 2005, Ilmenau, Germany.

Ph.D. thesis (Full-text, pdf format)
Denis Wohlfeld
Simulation, Analysis, and Fabrication of Miniaturized Components with Applications in Optical Interconnects and Parallel Microscopy
University of Heidelberg, Dez. 2009.

Diploma thesis
Denis Wohlfeld
Untersuchung zur Herstellung von Mikroprismen für die optische Verbindungstechnik
University of Mannheim, Sep. 2004.

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