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What is the HyperTransport Center of Excellence?

Our mission is to promote, support and initialize the use and application of the HyperTransport interface to research and industry. The HyperTransport Center of Excellence (HTCE) will help the community with profound know-how in the area of interfaces, drivers, IP-Cores and the development of innovative products based on the HT interface. The HTCE is funded by and works in close cooperation with AMD research facilities in order to improve the HT interface and the IP cores in the scope of the Torrenza initiative.

About AMD
As a leading global provider of innovative microprocessor solutions AMD is a world-class company with the innovation, execution, and vision to grow our leadership position in the industry. Today's world-class companies share three essential characteristics. Firstly, they deliver innovative products and technologies that customers want. Secondly, they have established a proven track record of fast, efficient manufacturing execution. And finally, they have a bold vision of where to take their business, and often their industry, in the future.

About the Computer Architecture Group
The Computer Architecture Group (CAG) is a research group with a well known background in computer architecture and networking. The group's practical expertise covers the complete process required for system architecture design and therefore provides architecture innovations and development platforms related to high performance computing and networking.
Their research projects usually result in real-world silicon devices in modern process technologies as the latest UMC and IBM processes. Their expertise allows them to bring up complex systems based on these prototype devices.
Ongoing research generally results in novel, innovative and sophisticated mechanisms for communication. The HyperTransport interface will be supported for a wide variety of applications with an open source HT core and a FPGA based prototyping platform. The Center of Excellence is supported by AMD and the University of Heidelberg. The CAG is a contributing member of the HyperTransport Consortium.

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