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February 12th, 2009
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Call for Papers

First International Workshop on HyperTransport Research and Applications

February 12th, 2009
University of Heidelberg, Germany


The 1st International Workshop for Research on HyperTransport is an international high quality forum for scientists, researches and developers working in the area of HyperTransport. This includes not only developments and research in HyperTransport itself, but also work which is based on or enabled by HyperTransport. Beside regular contributions we actively encourage papers about ongoing research, including new ideas and learned lessons, ensuring up-to-date presentations during the workshop. The quality of the contributions is ensured by a peer review process.
Submissions will be accepted primarily for their impact on the HyperTransport community and their innovative aspect. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the workshop. Because of the international orientation of the workshop papers and presentations must be composed in English. All submissions will be made electronically.
Accepted submissions will be made available on the website of the HTCE as well as on HeiDOK, the Open Access document server of the University of Heidelberg. The publication platform offers free access to full-text documents and adheres to the principles of OpenAccess as well as the goals of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). The papers will be accessible through a special sub-portal and are fully citable. For more information please consult the workshop website (

Papers are solicited in fields including (but not limited to) the following:

o HT caves, tunnels, switches and bridges
o HT enabled applications
o Embedded, high performance, “green” system architectures
o On-chip networks
o Network interfaces and interconnection networks
o Fine grain computational problems and applications
o Application specific processors and accelerators
o Security processors
o Reconfigurable architectures
o High scalability systems

It is planned to let this workshop take place on a regular basis to ensure a continuous knowledge exchange and to strengthen collaborations within the community.

HyperTransport (HT) is an interconnection technology which is typically used as system interconnect in modern computer systems, connecting the CPUs among each other and with the I/O bridges. Primarily designed as interconnect between high performance CPUs it provides an extremely low latency, high bandwidth and excellent scalability. The definition of the HTX connector allows the use of HT even for add-in cards. In opposition to other peripheral interconnect technologies like PCI-Express no protocol conversion or intermediate bridging is necessary. HT is a direct connection between device and CPU with minimal latency. Another advantage is the possibility of cache coherent devices.
Because of these properties HT is of high interest for high performance I/O like networking and storage, but also for co-processing and acceleration based on ASIC or FPGA technologies. In particular acceleration sees a resurgence of interest today. One reason is the possibility to reduce power consumption by the use of accelerators. In the area of parallel computing the low latency communication allows for fine grain communication schemes and is perfectly suited for scalable systems. Summing up, HT technology offers key advantages and great performance to any research aspect related to or based on interconnects.

Location and Event
The Workshop for Research on HyperTransport will take place as an accompanying event to the Second Symposium of the HyperTransport™ Center of Excellence (HTCE) ( at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Exchange between the participants of the Symposium and the Workshop is ensured by the possibility of mutual participation.
Both events are hosted by the Department of Computer Engineering (, whose buildings are located in the city of Mannheim. Please check the website of the workshop and the accompanying symposium for travel, hotel and further information.

All papers must be submitted as PDF document, along with a short abstract. Authors of accepted papers are required to complete and return a signed copyright agreement. Submissions must be formatted according to the IEEE standard double column format with a font size 10 pt. A paper may not exceed 10 pages. Only original research results are accepted. Papers submitted to other conferences or journals will be rejected without review.
On the workshop website ( detailed formatting instructions are provided.

Important Dates
Paper Submission Deadline: November 28, 2008 December 13, 2008
Author Notification: January 15, 2009
Final Paper Due: January 29, 2009
Workshop: February 12, 2009


Holger Fröning, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Mondrian Nüssle, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Pedro Javier García García, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Program Committee
Francisco J. Alfaro, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Ulrich Brüning, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
José Duato, Universidad Politècnica de Valencia, Spain
Hans Eberle, Sun Microsystems, USA
Holger Fröning, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Pedro Javier García García, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Brian Holden, HyperTransport Consortium, USA
Wolfgang Karl, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany
Mondrian Nüssle, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Rich Oehler, AMD, USA
Sven-Arne Reinemo, Simula Research Lab, Norway
Jeff Underhill, AMD, USA
Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Georgia Tech, USA


In the case of questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the workshop's organizers:
  • Holger Fröning, Universität Heidelberg, Germany: holger.froening {at}
  • Mondrian Nüssle, Universität Heidelberg, Germany: mondrian.nuessle {at}
  • Pedro Javier García García, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain:  pgarcia {at}
For further information on the HyperTransport Center of Excellence (HTCE) or it's 2nd Symposium, please send an email to the HyperTransport Center of Excellence (htce {at}

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