Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


The Computer Architecture Group at the Heidelberg University has the expertise to design complex hardware/software systems. As system architects, we cover not only the operation principles but include the technology and software to build real working prototypes. The group holds a profound expert knowledge in the area of design space analysis, hardware design of processors and devices, interconnection networks, and software driver development, especially for the construction of large computing clusters based on PC technology.

All levels of system design are covered, starting at the application programming interface, e.g. MPI, through the efficient design of device drivers finishing at custom build hardware devices based on standard cells and FPGAs.

Goals of the applied research activities are to cover a broad range of methodologies for the design of complete high performance systems with the possibility to optimize every level and educate students on various real world topics.

The group mainly focuses on the design of parallel architectures which achieve their high performance by improving communication between computational devices/units. Scaling such systems is a great challenge to the architecture of the interconnection network (IN) and the network interface controller (NIC). Special attention is paid on the interface between software and hardware to setup communication instructions.

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