Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Former Research Fellow and Speaker of the ZITI research group "High-Speed Short-Range Interconnects"

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Denis Wohlfeld

Research Interests

High-Speed interconnects

  • Active Optical Cables
  • Optical modules
  • VCSEL/PD to fiber coupling

Fabrication of Miniaturized Components

  • UV Deep Lithography (SU-8)
  • Soft Lithography (PDMS)


  • Signal Integrity
  • Ray Tracer development for the optimization of coupling structures
  • Light propagation in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media

Teaching Experience:

Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik 2009

  • WS11/12: Lecture, Electrical and Optical Communication
  • WS08/09: Practical Course, Computational Optics
  • SS08: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering
  • SS07: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering
  • SS06: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering
  • SS05: Practical Course, Physic basics for computer engineering


Conference Contributions and Paperwork

  • Invited: D. Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Aspects of short-range interconnect packaging

    SPIE Photonics West Conference Optoelectronic Interconnects XII, 8267-26, Jan. 2012, San Francisco, USA.
  • T Blank, D Wohlfeld, F Lemke, U Brüning, S Twardy, O Riemer
    Automatisierung der Fertigungstechnik für hochintegrierte 12x aktive optische Kabel
    MikroSystemTechnik - KONGRESS 2011, Oct. 10-12, 2011, Darmstadt, Germany.
  • D. Wohlfeld, F. Lemke, S. Schenk, H. Froening, U. Bruening
    High density active optical cable - from a new concept to a prototype
    SPIE Conference Optoelectronic Interconnects and Component Integration XI OE112, 7944-20, Jan. 2011, San Francisco, USA.
  • F. Merchán, D.Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Micro integration of optical systems for the fabrication of active optical cables
    3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Optical Microsystems (OMS09), ISBN 978-3-00-024191-8, (2286), 27.-30.09, 2009, Capri, Italy.
  • F. Merchán, D.Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Development of active optical cables
    Workshop of Optics in Computing (Optik in der Rechentechnik, ORT), ISBN 978-3-200-01636-1, pp 45 – 47, 2009, Vienna, Austria.
  • D.Wohlfeld, F. Merchán, K.-H. Brenner
    Integrated VCSEL to fiber couplers fabricated with micro-machining
    World of Photonics congress, Manufacturing of Optical Components, 2009, Munich, Germany.
  • D.Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner
    Anwendung optischer Verbindungstechniken in der Hochenergiephysik
    ORT 2005, 8. Workshop Optik in der Rechentechnik, ISSN 1437-8507, p. 76-82, 2005, Ilmenau, Germany.

Ph.D. thesis (Full-text, pdf format)

  • Denis Wohlfeld
    Simulation, Analysis, and Fabrication of Miniaturized Components with Applications in Optical Interconnects and Parallel Microscopy
    University of Heidelberg, Dez. 2009.

Diploma thesis

  • Denis Wohlfeld
    Untersuchung zur Herstellung von Mikroprismen für die optische Verbindungstechnik
    University of Mannheim, Sep. 2004.

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