Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Bachelor Theses Overview

  • Fynn Beuttenmüller (Supervisor: Christian Leibig) [IBA] 
    Interfacing a Neuronal Accelerator to a High Performance Computing System [Abstract]
  • Thomas Bühler (Supervisor: Stefan Kosnac, Ulrich Bruening) [IBA] 
    Design of a 6-Stage pipelined Processor Core based on the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture [Abstract]
  • Julius Ernesti (Supervisor: Tobias Markus) [IBA] 
    Automatisierung des Package Entwurfs mit KiCad [Abstract]
  • Gavin Gabriel (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [IBA] 
    A multi-strategy approach to natural language generation for dialogue systems [Abstract]
  • Tobias Groschup (Supervisor: Mondrian Nuessle) [IBA] 
    Linux Kernel API for the Extoll Network [Abstract]
  • Abdulhamid Han (Supervisor: Markus Mueller, Maximilian Thuermer) [PBA] 
    Schaltungstechniken zur effizienten Ansteuerung von VCSEL [Abstract]
  • Felix Kaiser (Supervisor: Juri Schmidt) [IBA] 
    Rekonfigurierbare Gleitkommaeinheit zur Ausfuehrung von Vektorreduktionen auf Xilinx FPGAs [Abstract]
  • Veton Kajtazi (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [IBA] 
    Benchmarking GPU Devices with N-Body Simulations [Abstract]
  • Stefan Kosnac (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [PBA] 
    Dense Cooling System with NovecTM 649 [Abstract]
  • Amanda Matthes (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [PBA]
    Exploiting Instruction-Level Parallelism - Hardware Structures for a Superscalar Out-of-Order
  • Christian Melzer (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [PBA] 
    Automation of the Package Design for a High Speed ASIC [Abstract]
  • Moritz Noeltner-Augustin (Supervisor: Andreas Wurz) [IBA] 
    Design and Commissioning of a Microcontroller Board with ARM Cortex-M4
  • Johannes Reith (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [IBA]
    Design of an Interconnect Concentrator for the Human Brain Project - Wafer System [Abstract]
  • Philipp Schaefer (Supervisor: Frank Lemke) [IBA]
    Synchronization of Front-End Electronics in a Data Acquisition Interconnection Network [Abstract]
  • Niklas Schultheiß (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [IBA] 
    Numerische Strömungssimulation nach Lattice-Boltzmann-Methode an einem Beispiel [Abstract]
  • Tobias Thommes (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [PBA] 
    Entwicklung eines Mess- und Auswertesystems zur Bestimmung der Verlustleistung eines
  • Rositsa Tinkova (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [IBA] 
    Design and programming of a microcode engine executing numerical operations on floating-
    point numbers
  • Felix Zahn (Supervisor: Benjamin Kalisch) [PBA] 
    Implementierung der Routingalgorithmen fuer das EXTOLL R2 Netzwerk [Abstract]
  • Jan Ziegler (Supervisor: Ulrich Brüning) [IBA] 
    Interfacing a high capacity flash chip for the potential use as a boot loader [Abstract]
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