Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Linux Kernel API for the Extoll Network

Bachelor Thesis by Tobias Groschup


Extoll is a network technology for high performance computing, which features high bandwidth and low latency. It comes with a complete software stack to be used in user space. Communication in user space can be performed easily with this stack and its API, but not so in kernel space. To enable kernel-level communication an API is introduced to access the Extoll device from within a kernel module. With this kernel space API communication via Extoll can be accomplished with a few function calls.

Kernel level communication with Extoll is now much more convenient and other kernel modules can be built upon it and use Extoll, for example a general purpose network device driver, which allows to use TCP/IP over Extoll, or modules for network storage like NFS or Lustre.


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