Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

On-Chip Measurement Units for High-Speed Signals

Diploma Thesis by Stephan Walter


This work deals with on-chip measurement units for high-speed signals. A selection of important measuring values, namely noise, jitter and connection quality will be presented, along with their corresponding measurement circuits and techniques. Of particular importance is the generation of a sampling clock for the time equivalent sampling as a technique to measure such signals with a high time resolution. In this regard, the advantages and disadvantages of the dierent techniques will be explained. Set up on this the design decisions and parameters of a process-voltage-temperature insensitive type I phase interpolator will be presented, that was developed during this work. In the process of the phase interpolator characterisation, simulator inaccuracies have been observed. To this end, a recognition method which is based on correlation, inclusing an analysis of dierent approaches to solve them will presented.


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