Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Design, Implementation and Synthesis of a Parameterizable Soft IP Cell for a high performance crossbar

Diploma Thesis by Alexandra Bernhardt


In this diploma thesis, a crossbar is implemented as a soft IP core. The scope of this work covers the implementation of the Soft IP Cell, the verification and the synthesis.
Compared to a hard IP, soft IP cells are more flexible; they can be fabricated in different foundaries and optimization can be applied to the IP for better fit to the product. IP cores are the key to exploiting the increasing VLSI integration capability. A parametrized IP can be customized for a specific application. This crossbar has many configurable items, like number of ports, word width and fifo depth at input and output.
The generation of the Soft IP is performed by a PERL script, which generates the RTL-Verilog code, the constraints file, the synthesis scripts and a testbench for verifaction of the IP.


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