Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Development of an Automated Verification Environment

Diploma Thesis by Daniel Bayer


This diploma thesis focuses on the verification aspect of hardware development, targeting the implementation of an automated and reusable verification environment. To achieve this goal, an analysis of potential verification languages is first presented. This analysis' result is utilized, then examined more closely to get an understanding of its syntax and language mechanism. The implementation of the developed HyperTransport verification environment is presented in two distinct aspects. The aspect illustrating the verification environment's development takes realized concepts and methodologies into account. The user's view on how to use the verification environment focuses on using and extending implemented stimulus libraries. The final part of this thesis highlights the reusability aspect of the implemented verification environment by introducing a second environment. Reusability of the first implemented verification component is demonstrated by extending its stimulus library to enable test scenarios, which are required to test the second environment.



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