Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Simulation and Architectural Exploration of a Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Node for Scientific Algorithms

Diploma Thesis by David Slogsnat


In this thesis, GEMS (Generic Environment for Multiprocessor Simulations) is presented. GEMS is a simulation environment written in the Superlog language, which simulates a configurable shared-memory multiprocessor system. Simulation focuses on the memory hierarchy and the system interconnect. Part of GEMS is a directory based cache coherence protocol. This protocol is an adaption of the bus-based MOESI protocol. The performance of specific algorithms on the simulated system can be measured by providing memory trace files as input to the simulator. Tools and methods for trace file generation are presented and discussed. Also, the thesis presents the important background. The components of the memory hierarchy are described in detail, and architectural examples are give.



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