Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Design, Simulation and Implementation of an Interconnect including a Printed Circuit Board and Chip Package for High Speed Signals with improved Signal Integrity

Diploma Thesis by Holger Froening


Goal of this work is to collect expert knowledge necessary to implement a printed circuit board and a chip package for a high speed design. This includes evaluation of different layout tools used for the design of the chip package and the printed circuit board. Signal integrity and electromagnetic interference concerns are introduced. Problems regarding this design are presented, and methods for improvement are shown. Additionally, simulation tools for signal integrity and electromagnetic interference are evaluated. A test board is set up, and with this test board several measurements are performed. Goal of the measurements is to validate simulation results and to obtain further information about the problems. Last, all information is collected in this design to build up a design rule set for high speed interconnect system which include chip packages or printed circuit boards. Here, the focus is set on the implementation of the ATOLL interconnect system.


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