Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

A Scalable Generic Simulator – SWORDFISH (Simple Wormhole Routing and Fault Injection on Simulated Hardware)

Diploma Thesis by Holger Sattel


The topic of this diploma thesis is the simulation of large wormhole routed networks with special attention to the ATOLL high performance network processor and its designated successor, ExTOLL. The developed simulation software is called SWORDFISH. The initial impulse leading to the development of SWORDFISH was the lack of information about the behaviour of large networks consisting of ATOLL network processors, like frequency of deadlocks and network throughput when using different topologies and routing algorithms. SWORDFISH consists of a small core simulating the hardware and network part and features a plugin mechanism for external modules like routing algorithms or statistical analysis, which makes the system very flexible. The core itself provides support for various topologies, different deadlock detection and solving algorithms and some hardware parameters. It is also possible to inject network problems (i.e. link and node failures). For the definition of traffic patterns an MPI-like API is provided. The thesis covers the theoretical networking and simulation background, the model development process and the implementation of the simulator itself. The last part presents some test scenarios and simulation results.


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