Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Implementation, Synthesis and Verification of a Remote Shared Memory Access Functional Unit

Diploma Thesis by Martin Scherer


This thesis is about the development of a "Remote Shared Memory Access Functional Unit" or short a "Remote Memory Access Unit". This unit is part of the Extoll project of the Computer Architecture Group at the University of Mannheim. Extoll is a network technology for parallel computing in System Area Networks (SAN). The main target of this project is the latency reduction of network transactions. Remote Memory Access (RMA) is a certain way for the exchange of data between different threads in a distributed memory system. It allows to access memory regions, that reside in the address space of a completely different thread. These accesses are done over the RMA network device and the corresponding control software. The targets of the thesis are the implementation, synthesis and verification of an RMA unit. The unit itself is part of the Extoll network chip and it is implemented using the Verilog Hardware Description Language. This design is synthesized for the use in a Xilinx FPGA. The last topic of the thesis is the verification of the unit in an HDL test bench and in the real system. For this purpose the control software of the unit is also developed and described in this thesis. The thesis includes the specification of the project and explains the various steps in the development process and their results. There is also an introduction to RMA and an evaluation of different programming models.



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