Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Design and Implementation of a distributed management system for the ATOLL high-performance network

Diploma Thesis by Mondrian Nuessle


This thesis is concerned with the design and implementation of the management software for the ATOLL high performance network. The resulting software is called AtollD. Goals for this project include distributed design, automatic operation, manageability and handling of network faults. AtollD automatically recognizes the topology of an ATOLL network and calculates corresponding routing tables. AtollD recognizes fault situations and takes action to handle the situation correctly. Reliable transfer of messages is ensured in all cases possible. A management interface allows external applications to communicate with AtollD in order to receive information about the network state, and also to manipulate network state. A complete view of the design process as well as a description of the actual implementation is given. From the global design to the individual areas of interest, all major parts of AtollD are covered.


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