Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Creating an Executable Specification Using SystemC of a High Performance, Low Latency Multilevel Network Router

Diploma Thesis by Richard Sohnius


This diploma thesis is concerned with specification of a switch hardware module for the Ex- TOLL project successor of the ATOLL project. The resulting specification is an executable SystemC model and its description. Aims of this work include optimization for low latency, reduced congestion, efficient link usage, deadlock prevention, low hardware effort and the support for new features like broadcasts, return routes and barrier operations. The resulting networks are analysed with a C++ simulator based on the SWORDFISH project. A complete view of the design process is given as well as a detailed description of the structure and functionality of the SystemC model and an overview of the changes and additions made to the original simulator to create the SWORDFISH2 simulator.


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