Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

A Management System for the EXTOLL Network

Diploma Thesis by Steffen Kurz


This diploma thesis presents the design and the implementation of a management software for networks of high performance, low latency EXTOLL devices. The resulting software is named MEXS. The requirements of the management system were to develop a centralized design, manageability, manipulation, scalability and fault handling of any constellation of an EXTOLL network. This includes the dynamic recognition of all nodes, the definite identification of the topology and the evaluation and distribution of the routing and the monitoring of an arbitrary EXTOLL network. Additionally, the software handles network faults. A GUI shows the status of the network and allows the user to interact with the EXTOLL network. The result of this work is composed of a Backend Module and a Frontend Module. The Backend Module executes all required evaluations of the network as a centralized unit. It also monitors all EXTOLL hardware units. The Frontend Module provides a GUI to the user to interact with the Backend Module. Both modules communicate via a TCP/IP-connection with each other. A view of the design as well as the actual implementation is shown.


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