Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Design and Verification of a Low Latency Funtional Unit for Direct Access to Remote Memory

Diploma Thesis by Janusz Schinke


In this thesis a “Low Latency Functional Unit for Direct Access to Remote Memory“ for the EXTOLL project is developed, which is also called “Shared Memory Functional Unit“. EXTOLL is a network technology for high performance computing, until now with support for message passing and one-sided communication.The main goal of this thesis is the development of this functional unit, which enables remote shared memory access with minimal latencies.

The Shared Memory Functional Unit (SMFU) is a performant and reliable way to exchange data between many nodes in a distributed shared memory system. It supports load and store operations and has a very low latency. SMFU forwards HyperTransport load and store transactions using the EXTOLL network to remote nodes, where they are either completed or an appropriate response is sent back. The SMFU allows to set-up global shared memory systems, in which load and store transactions can be used to read or write remote memory. The main tasks of this project are the design, implementation, synthesis and verification of the SMFU. The unit is implemented using the Verilog Hardware Description Language and then synthesized using the Xilinx software. Furthermore, the driver and application software for the SMFU are implemented to make real world tests possible.

This thesis describes all steps in detail and also gives a closer look at the performed benchmarks and their results. Finally, an outlook is given on the further development of the project and how the SMFU can be extended in the future.


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