Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Signal and Power Analysis of a High Performance ASIC Package

Master Thesis by Michael Magin


High speed data connections are omnipresent: USB3 and Thunderbolt may be the best-known examples, but on the board level, data connections have run at multi-gigabit speeds for years. The routing of such signals requires, due to the high speeds and sensitivity of the data signals to even the most minute variations, special attention and a thorough understanding of the underlying phenomena.

The signal integrity analysis of the attenuation, the cross talk and the design of return paths of these dense high-speed signal traces can provide insights for the future routing of dense packages.

To analyze the impact of the dense routing on signal integrity, one 48-trace network link is routed on a 12-layer 42.5 by 42.5mm organic substrate package. Agilent ADS 2011.10 is then used to obtain the insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk.

This thesis gives an overview of the underlying signal and power integrity concepts and provides an introduction in high-speed package design. Simulations are performed on a number of design optimizations, and their impact is evaluated.


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