Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Development of an IDE for the e Verification Language based on IntelliJ IDEA

Master Thesis by Ingo Kunkel


The usage of modern Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) accelerates the development time of applications and programs by offering context-dependent support. However, this kind of IDEs are usually developed only for popular programming languages.

This thesis gives an overview of the development of custom language plug-ins for the IntelliJ platform. Therefore, the developed plug-in for the e verification language is described in detail. The major aspects are: introduction to the internal structures of the IntelliJ platform, usage of ANTLR as lexer and parser generator, functionality and implementation of a reference system using the PSI tree, the tree-based graphical representation and visualization of the file and test-bench structure, as well as a context-dependent code completion mechanism. Beside the basic principles of the IntelliJ platform, the thesis focuses on the practical realization of the e plug-in. For detail functionalities, several open-source custom language plug-ins were analyzed and used as a basis for the e plug-in. This thesis serves as a starting point for developers of custom plug-ins for IntelliJ IDEA.


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