Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

An Extendable Environment for Control and Status Register File Generation

Master Thesis by Martin Wenzel


Increasingly complex hardware designs lead to the need for more efficient ways to implement them. To raise the abstraction level for the complete hardware design, the development system must be improved in a holistic way. Nowadays, special generators exist that can generate hardware sub-modules according to a given specification. One hardware module that is a target to continuous changes and modification is the registerfile. Therefore, registerfile generators, which use a highly abstract specification of a registerfile, tremendously improve the development speed, and also, increase the code quality of the design.

This master thesis evaluates available registerfile description languages and generators. Based on this evaluation, the primary objective of this thesis is the development of a modular registerfile environment that can easily be adopted to the needs of the user. The environment consists of a novel description language and a generator API. In addition, a set of generators as well as a simple command line interface tool, which utilizes the registerfile environment, are implemented to demonstrate the environment’s effectiveness.


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