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Student Research Projects

Former projects (Diplom Technische Informatik) can be found on our previous web page. 

Master (MScTI_SA / IFP)

  • Manuel Abele (Supervisor: Tobias Markus) [MScTI_SA]
    Characterization of 7- and 8T Dual-Port SRAM Cells in Respect of Their Maximum
    Speed in 28nm HPP
  • Florian Beenen (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [MScTI_SA]
    Development and Evaluation of a GASPI Benchmarking Suite
  • Jonas Bühler (Supervisor: Tobias Markus) [MScTI_SA]
    Design und Implementierung eines digital steuerbaren Ringoszillators
  • Eduard Fast (Supervisor: Markus Mueller) [MScTI_SA] 
    Differential Probe - Designprozess eines Messkopfsystems für Messungen an Leiterplatten
  • Fabian Finkeldey (Supervisor: Markus Mueller) [MScTI_SA] 
    Design of a Microcode Engine [Abstract]
  • Abdulhamid Han (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [MScTI_SA] 
    Development of USB 2.0 to I2C and SPI Adapter [Abstract]
  • Leonard Henger (Supervisor: Stefan Kosnac) [IFP] 
    Generation of Extoll RMA Packets to Connect a Software Library with Hardware Using the
    SystemVerilog Direct Programming Interface
  • Alexander Jaeger (Supervisor: Juri Schmidt) [MScTI_SA] 
    A configurable PCI-Express AXI4-Stream Interface and packet converter for the
    openHMC controller
  • Felix Kaiser (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [MScTI_SA] 
    Fused Multiply Add Floating Point Unit Specification
  • Stefan Kosnac (Supervisor: Markus Mueller) [MScTI_SA] 
    Design of a T-Coil Termination and Electrostatic Discharge Structure in 28 nm [Abstract]
  • Daniel Kruck (Supervisor: Niels Burkhardt) [MScTI_SA] 
    Investigation of the Capabilities of SystemC [Abstract]
  • Martin Lingnau (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth, Dirk Frey) [MScTI_SA] 
    Open Source Ray Tracers on GPUs [Abstract]
  • Michael Magin (Supervisor: Sven Kapferer) [MScTI_SA] 
    Development of a PCI Express Backplane
  • Tobias Markus (Supervisor: Markus Mueller) [MScTI_SA] 
    Verilog-AMS Model of a Mueller Muller CDR [Abstract]
  • Christian Melzer (Supervisor: Ulrich Brüning) [MScTI_SA] 
    Package Designer
  • Markus Montenegro (Supervisor: Tobias Markus) [MScTI_SA]
    Untersuchung von 22FDSOI SRAM Bitzellen und weiterführende Ausarbeitung eines
    neuen FIFO Konzepts auf Basis von SRAM Bitzellen
  • Julian Nagel (Supervisor: Tobias Markus) [MScTI_SA]
    Framework for Semi/Full Custom Placement for the Python-Skill Bridge [Abstract]
  • Thomas Ott (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [MScTI_SA] 
    Software Concept for Enabling the Linux Kernel to Support multiple Network-Attached
  •  Philipp Schaefer (Supervisor: Frank Lemke) [MScTI_SA]
    The Read-Out Controller Chain for the CBM Network
  • Juri Schmidt (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [MScTI_SA] 
    A Bandwidth Optimized Approach for Point-to-Point Topologies using EXTOLL [Abstract]
  • Tobias Thommes (Supervisor: Tobias Markus) [MScTI_SA]
    Synchronous SRAM based FIFO with Minimum Latency of one Clockcycle for
    High Frequencies
  • Diana Waschbüsch and Jonas Robl (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [IFP] 
    Optimierung und Auswertung einer Hochleistungsapplikation
  • Niels Weiher (Supervisor: Ulrich Brüning, Stefan Kosnac) [MScTI_SA] 
    RISC-V 64bit Integer Load-/Store-Unit mit Level-1 Cache
  • Martin Wenzel (Supervisor: Niels Burkhardt) [MScTI_SA] 
    Black Box Verification of the NAM Controller
  • Sebastian Wittka (Supervisor: Niels Burkhardt) [MScTI_SA] 
    Universal Verification Methodology Multi-Language
  • Felix Zahn (Supervisor: Richard Leys) [MScTI_SA]
    Optimized OpenMPI Collective Support for the EXTOLL Network [Abstract]
  • Julian Zeilfelder (Supervisor: Niels Burkhardt) [IFP] 
    IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for Hardware Argument Files [Abstract]

Bachelor (IAP / IFP)

  • Julian Bischoff and Robin Mader (Supervisor: Ulrich Brüning) [IAP] 
    RISC-V Software Environment Documentation
  • Abdulhamid Han (Supervisor: Markus Mueller, Maximilian Thuermer) [IFP] 
    Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) [Abstract]
  • Enrico Krämer (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [IFP] 
    High-Performance Ray Tracing auf Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessoren [Abstract]
  • Julian Nagel (Supervisor: Frank Lemke) [IAP] 
    Software Project "Hardware-Designer" [Abstract]
  • Sven Nobis (Supervisor: Markus Mueller) [IFP]
    Evaluierung des OpenCores DDR3-SDRAM Controller [Abstract]
  • Florian Nowak (Supervisor: Sarah Neuwirth) [IFP] 
    Towards a Comprehensive Set of Benchmarks for the Global Address Space
    Programming Interface
  • Rositsa Tinkova (Supervisor: Ulrich Bruening) [IFP] 
    Auswertung des DCF77-Signales mit einem Microcontroller [Abstract]
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