Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

A configurable PCI-Express AXI4-Stream Interface and packet converter for the openHMC controller

Project Report by Alexander Jaeger


Beginning from the day, when the first integrated microprocessor was manufactured, until now, the processor and memory performance increased constantly over the years. In comparison to memory performance, the processor performance increased faster opening a performance gap, the so called memory wall. The Hybrid Memory Cube is an attempt to close or shorten this performance gap. In this context the Computer Architecture Group of the university of Heidelberg has developed an open-source version of a Hybrid Memory Cube Controller, called openHMC.

The main goal of this work is to develop and to implement a packet converter between the openHMC and a PCI Express AXI-4 Stream Interface. This converter is supposed to be the connector between a host system using a PCI Express Interface and the openHMC. At first the hardware architecture is presented. In the next step the interfaces that were used are described. Afterwards the internal architecture of the converter is unfold and some sample transfers through the converter are given. At last the internal implementation of the converter is presented in detail.


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