Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for Hardware Argument Files

Project Report by Julian Zeilfelder


In the following project report the development of a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA will be described that is one component of the Hardware Designer, an environment for hardware design and verification. The Hardware Designer itself consists of three individual plugins for IntelliJ IDEA. Two other plugins cover the language support for e and SystemVerilog, while the here described plugin provides custom language support for hardware argument files and further functionalities to combine all three plugins together. The present report illustrates the development process and shows the realization of the custom language support. Here, a grammar for hardware argument files, syntax highlighting as well as code completion and additional features were implemented. For the combination of the three plugins, it will be described how the presented plugin allows for the generation and modification of Hardware Designer projects and determination of project specific settings. Further, it will be illustrated how user friendliness was increased by various features that assist programming and facilitate the project overview. Finally, an outlook will be provided with possible opportunities to continue the presented project and to further improve the Hardware Designer.


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