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 Course Overview

Master Level

 Code  Course Title  Type  Semester
 MScTI_PCA  Parallel Computer Architecture  Lecture with exercises / lab  Winter
 MScTI_DIGHD  Digital Hardware Design  Lecture with exercises / lab  Winter
 MScTI_DIGDF  Digital Semi Custom Design Flow  Lecture with exercises / lab  Summer
 MScTI_DIGVERI  Functional Verification  Lecture with exercises / lab  Summer
 MScTI_HPNET  High Performance Interconnection Networks  Lecture with exercises / lab  Summer
 Seminars / Research Projects
 MScTI_SEM  Advanced Seminar  Seminar with presentation  Winter / Summer
 IS  Seminar MSc Angewandte Informatik  Seminar with presentation  Winter / Summer
 MScTI_SA  Student Research Project  Practical Course  Winter / Summer
 IFP  Praktikum MSc Angewandte Informatik  Practical Course  Winter / Summer
 Master Theses
 MScTI_THESIS  Master Thesis in Computer Engineering  Practical Course  Winter / Summer
 IMa  Master Thesis in Angewandte Informatik  Practical Course  Winter / Summer

Bachelor Level

 Code  Course Title  Type  Semester
 ITE  Einführung in die Technische Informatik  Lecture with exercises  Winter
 Seminars / Research Projects
 IPS  Proseminar "Technische Informatik"  Seminar with presentation  Summer
 IS  Seminar "Technische Informatik"  Seminar with presentation  Winter / Summer
 IAP  Anfängerpraktikum "Technische Informatik"  Practical Course  Winter / Summer
 IFP  Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum "Technische Informatik"
 Practical Course  Winter / Summer
 Bachelor Theses
 IBA  Bachelorarbeit in Angewandte Informatik
 Practical Course  Winter / Summer
 PBA  Bachelorarbeit in Physik
 Practical Course  Winter / Summer


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